Green Benefits

Corporate sustainability has shifted from “doing well by doing good” to a long term strategic business benefit.

The benefits of increased corporate sustainability today go far beyond risk reduction and successfully meeting regulatory requirements. In fact, even with the constantly changing regulatory framework, companies must continue to step up sustainability programs as a way to leverage and increase value.

The benefits are as varied as they are far reaching. Cost reduction, often accomplished over time, tops the list as an ongoing program driver. As a result, the highest levelss of corporate management are now emerging as key players in sustainability efforts, followed closely by employee driven initiatives. Personnel recruitment and retention has been shown to be significantly enhanced by a company’s commitment to sustainability. Corporate stakeholder expectations for green initiatives are now standard. And finally, consumer confidence in, and support of, companies emphasizing sustainability is a recognizable business advantage.

Ingenium is proud to be in the vanguard of regulated waste management and sustainability through innovative recycling and process collection efforts. Results such as those provided by through our Emerald Energy and Orphan Chemical programs are designed to help our clients maximize their efforts while reaping the greatest possible benefit.

From credits back for recoverable value in waste, to state and federal recognition for sustainability efforts, Ingenium partners with clients, going beyond meeting baseline requirements to achieving a strategic business advantage.