Sustainability Update

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Sustainability Update November, 2013
Does Your Company Have the Right EPA ID Number?
If you generate hazardous waste in the State of California, you need to obtain either a California EPA ID Number or a Federal EPA ID Number. Which one to obtain depends on what type of waste you generate AND the volume of waste you generate. For more information and helpful chart see here.

Sustainability Update October, 2013
GHS vs NFPA: Beware the Hazard Rating Conflicts
As we approach the end of the year, the adoption of the international Globally Harmonized System hazard labeling protocol is proceeding. One recent potential for confusion has surfaced however. This is the difference between how the NFPA classifies chemical hazards, and how the GHS classifies chemical hazards. For more information

Sustainability Update September, 2013
Final EPA Ruling Mandates Electronic Reporting of TRI Data
On August 27th of this year the EPA issued a final ruling that requires facilities to report non-trade secret Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) forms using electronic software provided by the agency. The agency believes that electronic reporting of TRI forms will provide many benefits including:

Sustainability Update August, 2013
New EPA Rules Exempt Some Solvent-Contaminated Rages
The Federal EPA has issued new rules conditionally exempting many solvent-contaminated rags from certain regulations. Under the new guideline, some rags are excluded from the definition of solid or hazardous waste. Many solvent contaminated rags that are disposed of are excluded Read more 

Sustainability Update July, 2013
Making Sure E-Waste is Not Sent Overseas
Recent articles in the news have brought to light the fact that e-waste is sometimes sent overseas for processing. Because of improper processing procedures in third world countries – sometimes equipment is burned out in the open to extract components — it often leads to great health and even life risk, Read more

Sustainability Update June, 2013
What’s Universal Waste vs. Hazardous Waste?
Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) have long been designated universal waste that can be sent for lead reclaimation. That is not to be confused with the inner glass panels that the DTSC, within the last year, has designated as hazardous waste Read more

Sustainability Update May, 2013
Department of Environmental Health Inspectors Stepping Up Efforts
The local Department of Environmental Health Inspectors (DEH) have always been diligent, but now we understand that in some areas they have changed their inspection style, and we wanted to share this news with you. Read more

Sustainability Update April, 2013
Stopping Pharmaceutical Waste Before It Starts 
Is greener chemistry possible? James Mack, a University of Cincinnati associate professor, recently made that assertion at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Association in New Orleans. Essentically, Mack is using a physical catalyst — high speed mill-balling — to force chemicals to come together to create the reaction now typically caused by solutions. When that method is used it avoids altogether the solvents that would result in the use read more

Sustainability Update March, 2013
Globally Harmonized System — Save Lives, Save Money 
There are over 43 million workers in the U.S. that could be exposed to hazardous chemicals. And surprisingly, the U.S. is ranked 3rd among countries leading in fatalities due to inappropriate use of toxic chemicals. The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) aims to change that.

Starting this year and being phased in thru the end of 2015, the GHS has been adopted by OSHA as the new standard for hazardous material read more

Sustainability Update February, 2013

Should You Report on Sustainability? 
Ah, it’s that time of year when we’re starting to think about spring, longer days and results reporting from last year. Along with sales and earnings results, many companies now are beginning to consider an annual sustainability report. Is it right for your organization? read more.

Sustainability Update January, 2013
“Re-purposing” Benefits Emerging Life Science Companies
On January 15th, Washington state life science companies got the opportunity to select from thousands of dollars worth of new and unopened laboratory consumables and small equipment free of charge. These supplies and equipment, available as a result of lab closures, were kept out of the landfill, and “re-purposed” for practical use recipients included read more.

Sustainability Update December, 2012
DOT Required Documentation
The Department of Transportation requires that waste generators not only apply DOT Closure instructions correctly, but additionally keep on file the specific closure documents that pertain to the packaging material utilized to ship your waste. They must be available read more.