Waste Recycling

Recycle. Reuse. Recover. Now it’s possible with more regulated waste types than ever before. Welcome to Ingenium’s Emerald Energy.

Emerald Energy is a division of Ingenium that was created specifically to deal with biopharmaceutical waste. With this breakthrough process, the energy that is stored in the waste is converted into electricity to help power homes and businesses.

Today the Emerald Energy processes are successfully used for a variety of industries that produce hazardous, biological and radiological waste. Complemented by our full spectrum of recycling services including plastics and packaging foam, and value recovery, we provide the comprehensive service that best meets our clients’ needs.

Ingenium’s sustainability efforts also continue beyond the creation of electricity. While many items may not be able to be used to create power, they can still be recycled and repurposed. In fact, we have found that many of our clients were not even aware that recycling options existed for items they had previously been incinerating or land filling. How much more could you be recycling? We invite you to try our Recycling Calculator and find out for yourself!